Community Networking

WE have a goal to see the businesses and charitable organizations in the Mobile and Baldwin County areas join together in creating opportunities for single parents to succeed in successfully completing their college education as well as finding their place in the workforce.

We challenge businesses to partner with us and create a network community that can be mutually beneficial to the business owner who is looking for an ambitious, dependable and grateful workforce, and also beneficial to the single parent student who is looking for employment positions that are considerate of their strong obligations as parents as well as their non traditional schedules.

We challenge the charitable organizations in our area to come together and build a system of support that utilizes each respective charity in its most passionate capacity so that the needs of our single parents who are in school are met by the organizations best able to help.

WE are not here to compete but rather to Cooperate.  We seek to uncover the untapped resources available throughout the community and connect them to the untapped potential found in our single parents who are struggling to survive and yet striving to make a difference.

For more information on how your business or organization can partner with us please click on the link below.